Washtenaw County, MI Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services
(Updated April, 2009; Next Update- April, 2014)

342 South Ashley Street, Ann Arbor 48104
Phone: 734-761-4717 or 761-7204
E-mail: counselingcrte@sbcglobal.net
web site: www.counselingannarbor.com
In conjunction with The Counseling Center of Ann Arbor, The ADD Center has helped children, teens, adults and families manage ADD, ADHD and the plethora of developmental issues which inhibit their ability to enjoy living. While we provide interactive counseling and coaching for ADD, we will forward to you a JAMA study substantiating the benefits of medical treatment. All new intakes are personally screened by the clinical director. Downtown since 1983. Contact: Ken Land, MSW, Clinical Director.


1565 Eastover Place, Ann Arbor 48104 
Email: arborpsych@sbcglobal.net
Phone: 734-741-8844
Outpatient mental health treatment including individual and family psychotherapy and psychological evaluation. Special services include: divorce mediation, work with sex offenders, play therapy, neuropsychological and forensic evaluations. Fixed fees; accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare, Value Behavioral Health/Connecticut General, BCN, Aetna, MESSA, Options, PPOM and Magellan. All ages served. Referrals may be made by calling the office.
Staff: Elizabeth S. Bishop, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist
John Simpson, MA, Limited Licensed Psychologist

1601 Briarwood Circle, Suite 500, Ann Arbor, MI 48108

We offer developmental and behavioral assessment, diagnostics, and intervention for children from birth through adolescence. Areas of expertise include autism spectrum, ADHD, school-related difficulties, parenting strategies, and behavioral modification. Intensive interventions are provided on-site and through the P.L.A.Y Project for children with autism spectrum diagnoses. The center also offers comprehensive psychological and psychoeducational evaluations. Contact us at (734) 997-9088 or visit our website at www.aacenter.org

Staff: Richard Solomon, M.D., Medical Director &Mark Bowers, Ph.D., Pediatric Psychologist

2395 Oak Valley Drive, Suite 100, Ann Arbor MI48103
Website: www.annarborcenter.com
Phone: 734-995-5181
The Center is the setting for the individual private practices of a multidisciplinary group of mental health professionals.  All of the therapists are interested in integrating their knowledge of family therapy theory and practice into a variety of therapeutic and consulting activities. Referrals can be made either directly to a professional or to the Center. A referral to the Center may be received by any individual therapist with appropriate expertise and available time.  Arrangements for appointments and fees are made by the individual professional.  A percentage of the clients can be charged on a sliding scale. Office contact person is Chris Wozniak.

Brian Ashin, MSW BCD Paul Estenson, PhD Andrew Orosan-Weine, PhD
Manal Assi, M.D. Carrie Hatcher-Kay, PhD Ellen Barahal Taylor, PhD
Fernando Colon, PhD Hilda Halabu, PhD W. Craig Washington, MD
Kate Drinkwater, MSW Carrie Hatcher-Kay, PhD Mary Whiteside, PhD
Douglas Ensor, PhD Lori Lichtman, PsyD  
Joy Wolfe Ensor, PhD Eileen Mollen, PhD  

1955 Pauline Blvd, Suite 100A , Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Contact us at (734) 994-9466 or visit our website at CNLD.org
Director: Roger E. Lauer, Ph.D.
CNLD offers comprehensive assessment services including neuropsychological, psychological and developmental evaluations. Our clinic also provides therapy services for individuals (adult, teen and child) and families, as well as parent guidance. Case management, advocacy and treatment planning to implement educational recommendations and interventions, along with school consultation and staff development also are available. We work with other professionals in the local community who offer specialized tutoring for: learning difficulties; performance coaching for improving study skills, organization and work efficiency; advocacy for clients; speech and language therapy; memory training; occupational and physical therapy; mental health interventions and medical services.
Michael Bambery , Ph.D.
Roger E. Lauer, Ph.D.
Laura Kumor, M.S.
Joanne Smith-Darden, Ph.D.

355 South Zeeb Road , Ann Arbor MI 48103 . 
Website: www.elesplace.org
Phone: 929-6640
Ele's Place provides weekly support groups for grieving children ages 3-18 and their parents. Through peer support group programs, agency helps children to cope with the death of a parent, sibling or other close family member or friend. Participants are placed in age-appropriate groups facilitated by trained volunteers and clinical staff. All programs are free of charge. A speaker's bureau provides presentations to medical/clinical groups, schools and community organizations on a variety of grief related topics tailored to the specific needs of the group.


2940 Ellsworth Rd., Ypsilanti 48197
Call Access to schedule an appointment 734-481-2502 or 800-440-7548
Administrative Office Phone: 734-971-9605
Clinic Director: Paula Burdelski
The clinic provides a range of mental health services to children and adolescents ages 0-18 and their families. Services include individual, group and family treatment. The type of treatment to be provided will be determined by the therapist and family together. Infant mental health services, intensive client service management, psychiatric evaluation, medication management, emergency assessment and intervention are offered. Insurance: Medicaid, MI Child, M-Care, Care Choices and uninsured.

1705 Washtenaw Avenue, Ann Arbor, 48104
Phone: 734-662-2222
Website: www.ozonehouse.org
Ozone House, Inc. serves runaway and homeless youth, ages 10-20, and their families with a variety of free and voluntary services. These services include: individual and family counseling, emergency youth shelter, life skills training, transitional and independent living assistance, a teen substance abuse support group and a gay & lesbian youth support group. To access services, please call the crisis line at 734-662-2222.


2004 & 2006 Hogback Road, Ann Arbor, M1 48105
Website: www.sjmercyhealth.org/behavioralservices
Medical Director: Dwarkanath Rao, M.D.
Child & Adolescent Clinical Director: Pamela Sohoni, M.D.
Ann Arbor Main Number 734-786-2300, Intake 734-786-2301, Canton 734-981-3800
Hours 8:00 am-8:00pm M-F. Saturdays by appointment. This comprehensive program includes treatment for adults, families, children and adolescents of all ages around such issues as: depression, anxiety, adjustment to divorce, grief and other losses, behavioral and performance problems. Individual, family, and group modalities are available as well as psychological and educational testing. Appointments are available by calling Intake at 734-786-2301 during business hours. Many insurances are accepted including Care Choices, H.A.P., M-Care, and most Blue Cross plans.


5401 McAuley Drive, Ann Arbor 48105
Website: www.sjmercyhealth.org/behavioralservices
Medical Director: Dushyant Trevedi, M.D.
Program Coordinator: Beth Steven, M.A.
Phone: 734-712-5750
Partial Hospitalization provides diagnostic and treatment services for emotional and behavioral problems that interfere with an adolescent’s ability to function at home, school and in the community. The program provides individualized psychiatric care for adolescents ages 12-18 five days a week from 9am to 3:30pm. Our team includes the specialized skills of various disciplines such as child and adolescent psychiatry, nursing, social work, education and recreational therapy.


1111 East Catherine St. Ann Arbor, MI 48109        
Center Director: Catherine Lord, Ph.D.
Phone 734-936-8600
UMACC develops and conducts research to enhance knowledge and understanding of children and adults with autism. The center also trains researchers and clinicians in the scientific study, diagnosis, and treatment of autism. Services include comprehensive diagnostic evaluations, intervention, consultation to schools, therapists, and other professionals, social skills groups for children and adults, as well as training and resources for families. Several research projects are actively recruiting participants: The Toddler Project (seeking to understand the nature of language and cognitive development in infants < 15months old who are at risk for autism because they have a sibling diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder or for other reasons, such as infantile seizures), Molecular Genetics of Autism (aimed at exploring potential genetic factors associated with autism by recruiting families with 2 or more members with an autism spectrum disorder - may include siblings or cousins), and Let’s Face It (a computer intervention designed to improve face processing and recognition in children, age 5 and up, and adults with high functioning autism and Asperger’s). Contact us: 734-936-8600 or umautism@umich.edu or visit our website at www.umaccweb.com.


Suite 1465 East Hall, 525 East University, Ann Arbor 48109-1109
Center Director: Jerry Miller, Ph.D.
Intake Coordinator: Adele Santieu, MSW
Phone: 734-764-9466
Website: www.umuccf.org
The University Center for the Child and the Family is a University of Michigan agency offering a comprehensive range of mental health services for children and families in the community. University affiliation is not required to receive services. Services include comprehensive assessments of the full range of child, couple and family concerns, psychological testing, individual therapy for married and unmarried couples, family therapy, lesbian, gay and bisexual family services and groups in such areas as social skills and parenting. The Center has a sliding scale fee structure. Many insurance plans cover our services. The Center is a PremierCare/BCN provider.


Eileen Bond, M.S.W
Peggy Buttenheim, Ph.D.
Christen Chapman, M.A.

Sharon Gold-Steinberg, Ph.D.
Joe Harvey, M.D.
Jerry Miller, Ph.D.
James Plunkett, Ph.D.


1111 East Catherine St., Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2054
Clinical Services Manager: Mimi Block
Children Services Manager: Judy Nantau
Phone: 734-764-8440

The University Center for the Development of Language and Literacy (UCLL) offers intensive language and literacy evaluations and intervention services for children with language and language-related disorders. The Center, founded more than 60 years ago, is one of the original programs in communication disorders in the United States. UCLL’s renowned children’s language programs, which are designed for children up to age 17, specialize in the development of oral language skills and their foundational role to literacy acquisition and social skills development. The Center’s specialized children’s programs-which include Preschool and Communication Therapy (PACT), Kindergarten-First Grade Starter (KFGS), Reading to Learn (R2L), Teen Connections (TC), and Strategies for Academic Success (SAS)-help to ensure that each child receives the individualized assistance he or she needs to succeed by creating a solid foundation for academic achievement. In addition to its children’s programs, the Center’s adult program, the University of Michigan Aphasia Program (UMAP), attracts participants from around the world who wish to improve speech, language, reading, writing, and memory skills that have been impaired as a result of a stroke or other brain injury. In addition, UCLL offers standard and extended language evaluations, a home training program, and language enrichment groups for adults with aphasia. Contact us at 734-764-8440 or ucll@umich.edu. Contact us: 734-764-8440 or ucll@umich.edu or visit our web sites www.languageexperts.org or www.aphasiahelp.com.


2101 Commonwealth Blvd., Suite C, Ann Arbor 48105
Section Director, Sheila Marcus, M.D.
Our Outpatient Program provides services for behavior disorders, anxiety disorders, developmental disorders and mood disorders including evaluations; psychopharmacology; individual, family and group therapies; testings (educational, psychological, neuropsychological, speech and language). Our Inpatient Program for children and adolescents (aged 4-18 years) is available for short-term hospitalizations is available. Our multi-disciplinary staff participate in diagnosing and treating a wide variety of psychiatric illnesses. Screening for both programs is done through Admissions & Appointments at 734-764-7269 or 800-525-5188 ( Mich. only). After hours ( 4:45 pm – 8:00 am) call 734-936-5900.
Bernard Bierman, M.D.; Donna Champine, M.D.; Richard Dopp, M.D.; Kate Fitzgerald, M.D.; Cynthia Foster, Ph.D.; Mohammad Ghaziuddin, M.D.; Neera Ghaziuddin, M.D.; Gregory Hanna, M.D.; Julie Kaplow, Ph.D.; Michelle Kees, Ph.D.; Cheryl King, Ph.D.; Sheila Marcus, M.D.; Paresh Patel, M.D.
Clinical Staff:
Antonia Charles, LMSW; Judy Coucouvanis, M.A., R.N.; Mary Gass, LMSW, Yana Grondziak, LMSW; SunShine Mills, LMSW; Laura Nitzberg, LMSW; Aileen Prout, LLMSW; Katharene Schoof, LMSW; Barbara Shaw, LMSW; James Smith, R.N. & Melissa Webster, LMSW.


555 South Forest Street, Ann Arbor 48104-2531
Clinic Director: Kathleen Coulborn Faller, Ph.D., ACSW
Phone: 734-998-9700
The Family Assessment Clinic is a multidisciplinary team providing assessments, treatment, case record reviews and court testimony on cases with questions of child maltreatment. Clinicalcounselingis available for children adolescents, and their families experiencing trauma and abuse. Cases are referred by DHS (child protection, foster care and adoption), courts, law enforcement, schools and other social agencies. Time-limited groups are offered for mothers of sexually abused children and adolescents involved in dating violence. Call for current group session dates and times. Sliding-scale fees available for treatment clients.

Sue Cavanaugh, L.M.S.W. Bethany Mohr, M.D. Kathy Schoof, L.M.S.W.
Elizabeth Goodman, L.L.M.S.W. Mary Ortega, L.M.S.W. Ellen Grosh Smith, Ph.D.
Elise Hodges, Ph.D. Robert Ortega, M.S.W., Ph.D. Frank Vandervort, J.D.


525 East University, Suite 2463 East Hall, Ann Arbor MI 48109-1109
Clinic Director: Robert Hatcher, Ph.D.
Phone: 734-764-3471
Website: www.psychclinic.org
The Clinic helps people make their lives happier and more satisfying by providing affordable, personal and confidential psychological services in a supportive and accepting environment. We serve members of the Ann Arbor and neighboring communities, as well as students, staff and faculty of the University of Michigan. The Clinic offers a wide range of psychological services to individuals and couples, including individual and group therapies, specialized services for anxiety disorders, and assessment of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) and Learning Disabilities (LD). Confidential consultations and therapy sessions are matched to individual needs. Services are offered on sliding scale fee structure. The Clinic accepts M-PremierCare/BCN and some other insurance policies.

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