Northeast Guidance Center Adult Services
12800 East Warren Avenue, Detroit MI 48215.  Phone: (313) 824-8000
Adult Services are offered at the East Warren location. Adults 18 and over can be tested for psychological issues and evaluated for the need for psychiatric assistance. Once evaluated, patients have access to a variety of programs to help them live independently. Medication is provided along with administration and support. This location offers community based services such as residential care management and vocational services.
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Northeast Guidance Center Motor City Clubhouse
2900 Conner Street, Bldg. B, Detroit MI 48215.  Phone: 313-824-5623
The Motor City Clubhouse (Conner Campus) sits adjacent to the Administration Building at the Connor Campus location. Motor City Clubhouse is a psychosocial rehabilitation center where adults seeking services from the East Warren location can develop their social skills by interacting with others. At this location, adults can also learn about what resources they have access to at Northeast Guidance Center.
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Northeast Guidance Center Administration
2900 Conner Street, Bldg. A, Detroit MI 48213.  Phone: 313-308-1400
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Northeast Guidance Center Child & Family Services
20303 Kelly Road, Detroit MI 48225.  Phone: 313-245-7000
Children’s services are offered at the Kelly St. location, but families are not forgotten at Northeast Guidance Center. They need support as well to be able to best help their child accomplish his or her goals regarding his or her issue. Children at the Kelly St. location are provided with Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Parent Resource Training, home based services, psychiatric evaluation, psychological testing and much more to children who seek help through our Kelly St. location. Children are offered many of the same mental therapy and support services as adults. Parent Management Training-Oregon Model transportation to and from appointments is provided.
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