Ann Arbor Center for the Family
2395 Oak Valley Drive, Suite 100, Ann Arbor MI 48103

The Ann Arbor Center for the Family is a group of mental health professionals including psychologists, social workers, and psychiatrists. The Center has served the Ann Arbor community for over 40 years. Affiliates provide treatment, assessment, and consultation services to children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. Psychological testing, mediation, psychiatric care, and consultation to family businesses are also offered. Affiliates each have their own individual practices; fees, scheduling, and insurances vary by clinician. Referrals can be directed to an individual clinician or to the Center. For more information, contact 734-995-5181.

Affiliated Therapists: Hilda Halabu, Ph.D. Andrew Orosan-Weine, Ph.D.
Emily Abbenante-Honold, Ph.D. Jordan Harrison, Psy.D. Rebecca Osterhout, Ph.D.
Naomi Alcaine, Ph.D. Rosha Hebsur, Psy.D. Ellen Barahal Taylor, Ph.D.
Manal Assi, M.D. Jena Jaworowicz, LMSW  
Paul Estenson, Ph.D. Bassem Krayem, M.D.  
Gabrielle Gruber, LMSW Lori Lichtman, Psy.D  

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